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This is it. My final blog site! Good bye to all my others: The Last Act, Caregiver Mimi, Eldercare Diaries, Teaching for a Living, Citizen Mimi, Mimi’s Business Blog and the original Libra File.

It’s time to bring all those thoughts and experiences into one focus and weigh in on life from Mimi’s point of view!

In some ways life has been conventional for me and in others it’s been totally “out of the box.” Hey I’m a Libra and I like balance.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my Libra qualities and tendencies are my sustaining contribution. And I wish to share this with my readers. Unlike many others, I’m able to look at both sides of the story. I leave it to others to take a stand. I admire those who are more passionate about their beliefs, but that’s not my strength. I’m always asking why. Why do evil people think the way they do? Why can’t everyone see what is just and what is unfair? Why do people have so much trouble facing the truth? And why do many wish not to confront reality?

The older I get (and I’m getting up there), the more I realize how different we all are, how much nature and nurture intertwine, and how difficult but not impossible it is to improve both our personal lives and those of others.

To be honest, if we were all “goody two shoes” like me, the world would be very boring. I’m glad there’s so much diversity. I’m trying really hard to adjust to all those who like tattoos, dystopian books and movies, ordering clothes with Stitch Fix, and accepting all kinds of couples and singles for friends.

It’s my goal to weigh in at least weekly on some aspect of today’s culture. I look forward to hearing your comments and to a long, lasting relationship with the readers of this blog that I hope will expand and expand.

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