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Forget Mr. Trump. He is not for the masses. He likes money, status and winning. He thinks he’s a superior human being and the rest of us are just peans.

Our country’s citizens elected him and we better figure out how to work to defeat him and his agenda and in the meantime use every possible ploy to counter him. He may have good business instincts but he does not have an ounce of morality in him. People need to regroup and ask themselves, if you have to choose between the two, which would you rather fight for, business or goodness????

To carry on my realism theme, on my own I am going to fight with every fiber in my body. That’s probably not going to do it, but if every one of us puts our minds to it every day, we have to make a difference.

Two of my thoughts today:

1) Bring up an amendment to get rid of money in politics. We know that the reason that we have such a proliferation of guns is a money issue. Get rid of money and relieve our senators and representatives from being beholden to powerful lobbies like the NRA. Let’s return to the idea that America encourages people to get rich but not at the expense of others.

2) Appoint a panel to study the reason we are having such a “war” in our country. Bring in psychiatrists, bring in parents of those who propagated these crimes and the children who knew these individuals. Bring in educators from private and public schools and see how they deal with these threats. (Why is it that all the mass killings are in the public sector, not the private one?) Learn how social media impacts this movement. Have this commission assigned by the president and headed by someone who represents the best of America and knows how to get to the root of the problem. Maybe Mitt Romney????

This situation is absolutely ridiculous and unAmerican. It’s time we teach our president what America is all about.

Mimi Pockross
Denver, Colorado

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