Mimi Pockross is a freelance writer specializing in the arts, education and family. Mimi is originally from Chicago. She and her family settled in Denver in 1980. Mimi has written many articles for national and local publications including The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post, and Colorado Heritage Magazine. She is a former speech and English teacher, has also worked in the broadcast industry and as a marketing and public relations consultant for small business and for the Colorado Historical Society. Mimi earned her bachelor’s degree in teaching at the University of Illinois and her master’s degree in communications at Northwestern University.  After a final career as an art gallery owner, she began to devote her energies to writing and has since published three books. Her most recent book is Pulling Harvey Out of Her Hat: The Amazing Story of Mary Coyle Chase a biography of a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright who was born and raised in Denver. The mother of two sons and the grandmother of two boys, Mimi lives in Vail, Colorado with her husband of fifty-six years. She is a member of the Colorado Authors’ League and the Denver Woman’s Press Club. In her spare time, she likes to hike, cook, attend the symphony, spend time with her family, travel and of course, read.