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I’m Corny

I’m pretty sure it began with all those ballet, piano, and drama lessons that began when I was four, but I love anything that is saccharine and corny. I was raised on doing the hula and the can can, singing Easter Parade and being Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan.

Especially during the holidays, I am prone to create an Ozzie and Harriet atmosphere just like my mom created for me. I rarely miss the Macy’s Day Parade (though I walked the Turkey Trot this year instead), the Parade of Roses on New Year’s Day or a night during the holiday watching “White Christmas.” The day after Thanksgiving, I start to play a collected number of Christmas CD’s by Ella, Harry Connick, Jr., Ottmart Leibert, Neil Diamond and a bunch of the usuals like Bing and Dean. Oh what fun it is! On Christmas Day with as many kids as I can muster around me or maybe just with my husband, the sounds of Handel’s Messiah can be heard throughout the household.

I always top this off by starting a jigsaw puzzle at Thanksgiving and continuing to work on it until I finish it usually around Christmas. I’ve done Elvis, presidential buttons and snow scenes. This year’s entry: Movie Posters. Last year I did 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

In between I shop, wrap and prepare food if anyone is around to eat it, but even if they aren’t, recreating memories associated with all these rituals is something I hope to do for a long time to come.

Corny is good.

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