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An Epiphany

I think everybody will agree that 2017 was a tough year. The election, the me too movement, the usual mass murders and the continuing threats of terrorism.

Personally my life is going through changes and I’m sort of thinking that our country’s issues are exacerbating my own crises.

Whatever the reason, I have just come to realize that all these events are coming to a head and that they will make us better in the future. We’re all going to have to look at it that way or we’re going to be in a permanent funk.

I do believe that part of America wants to return to the old ways where the white man rules, where money is power, and where the food chain is part of life. Those on the other side of a more humane way of approaching things have had eight years of reigning and those from the old school don’t really care for their approach.

I’m a Libra and I’m in the middle. I’ve never been a fervent feminist though I’ve always wanted to lead an independent life and be an accomplished individual but I’ve never really blamed anybody else if I didn’t succeed. I have great respect for others and for their struggles and successes but I do believe that initiative and discipline are a part of getting ahead.

My nephew who has never kept a job for more than six months told me that my late brother, his dad, once told him that it’s all a matter of luck as to whether one succeeds or fails. That to me is a copout.

So on a grander scale, let’s just say that the struggle between the old and the new is current and not etched in stone. Though we don’t have complete control of how things go, we can do our part and maybe have some impact on our future as a country. I would omit finger pointing and name calling as part of the mix. There are loftier means of being involved.

Happy Holidays!

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