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In Light of Parkland Florida: A Proposal

We are all sick of these mass killings and we’re beside ourselves trying to think of what can be done to stop the killing. It’s time to get realistic.

My conclusions:
1) Legislation on guns is not going to happen in the near future.
2) We can say this is a mental health problem, but it’s unlikely that the problem can be cleared
up until America itself becomes more sane and that’s not going to happen in the near future
3) We can blame it on social media, but legislating anything constructive seems like an
impossible task. After all companies need to make a living.
4) We can choose to blame it on poor parenting but what is a good parent in these times
anyhow? Does anyone have an idea even no how to parent?

Here is my solution: Build a wall around each school.
1) Let students enter through specific gates, check their identification and force them to pass
through a screening machine as is done at large sports and entertainment venues and at our
airports. Check all guns at the gate.
2) The cost will be very expensive but it is needed to protect our children.

Of course, I’m a realist. Building a gate around each school isn’t going to happen either.

At least I’m going to keep trying, unlike the wimpy leaders of our country. Yuk!

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