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I was very lucky to have my entire nuclear family at our house for Thanksgiving. In addition we invited my newly orphaned niece and nephew so they would have company for their first Thanksgiving without a parent.

Both my sons and their spouses rallied to support my husband and I, and our two wonderful grandkids pitched in too. One of my daughters-in-law served as a fabulous sous chef throughout the time leading up to the big event. She chopped, assembled, stirred, set the table, reminded me to put the cranberries on the table and chatted and laughed while she did it all. Along with their dad, my terrific sons kept the conversation going and after a very filling and delightful meal, cleaned up afterwards and put all the food away.

Everyone participated in the entertainment options including a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, a marathon game of Life with the grandkids and my niece and nephew, a visit to the dog park in the afternoon, and a game of charades after the big meal and before a delicious array of desserts prepared by my other amazing daughter-in-law and the grandkids, all topped off by a marvelous Chateau d’Yquem sauterne after dinner drink that my dear husband took out for the occasion.

It was such a perfect weekend and I will treasure the memories forever.