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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fascists

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fascists,

If I had a chance to meet with you, here are a few questions I’d like to ask you:

1) What is your vision of the United States of America.

2) Who should be an American citizen?

3) How should the United States be governed? Who should be in charge?

4) What should be done with all the multi-cultural people who do not fit into the white category?

5) Who are your heroes? Who speaks for you? Why?

6) Explain clearly why you are opposed to the “elites,” people who rely on past and present expert knowledge and opinions to help the US move forward?

7) How are you different from Isis? Or do you wish to be like Isis?

8) Do you really think you can go back in time?

9) Why do you like violence rather than talking?

10) What is the place of women in your philosophy? You don’t see many women in your movement.