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Bannon Babble

So we finally got a chance to see Steve Bannon live and in person (well almost in person) last Sunday night on Sixty Minutes. Charlie Rose’s interview was amazing. He certainly pressed on the issues that all of us were concerned in hearing about, most particularly his response to Charlottesville and to David Duke, the paragon of racism.

What struck me most about Steve Bannon was his belief that he knew better than the rest of us what was good for the country and for the president. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why we should believe him. He’s just a guy who made a bit of money in hedge funds and then in film. And oh yeah, he spent a year strategizing with the Trump campaign, and helping steer the ultimate victory.

I don’t know. If I were looking at a resume, that background would seem a bit serendipity. But then my resume isn’t so great either.

Mr. Bannon’s personna does reflect Mr. Trump’s philosophy about running a country. He knows better because he knows better. Well, he did convince enough people to win the election.

I sort of think that Mr. Trump has a bit of the medicine man in him. He talks a good game, but do those elixirs really work? For a while, but then everyone discovers the real truth. Like Chris Christie said about Mr. Bannon, let him enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame.

I already don’t think anything Mr. Bannon says is based on the good of the country. It’s based on his own good. That’s what happens when you don’t know what home and hearth is and you live your entire life in transactions and then you only read the materials that back up your beliefs. He needs a good wife, but then these days good wives are hard to find.

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